A note from Jane for all who entered the Go-Go’s fan t-shirt contest:

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Thanks friends for participating in our tee-shirt contest!
I loved seeing what each and every one of you came up with. I’m sorry the tour got canceled…damn cliff messin’ up our plans! Though I cannot predict the future, my dream is that we will re-schedule the tour eventually, and we can have the contest then! In the meantime, I hope you will send me good vibes for a speedy recovery from my surgery.

Lots of love to you all,
Jane (and the gals)

4 thoughts on “A note from Jane for all who entered the Go-Go’s fan t-shirt contest:

  1. I am a big fan and it was just awesome to talk to you on the BTR show with my friend cat mick.cat was the co-host and i seen most of the shows you done from movies to tv.BTW i hope it goes well with your surdry ps we both are ordean by internet LOL but im dr rev hahahaha

  2. OMG I hope you are ok Jane!!!! I am sending ALL my good vibes your way for a speeding recovery. My boyfriend has had a knee operation a few years ago. All went well, but it took him a good year to fully recover, but he is totally ok now (no limp now or anything). I’m sure all will go well for you too. I had tickets to both Virginia shows(Wolftrap and Portsmoth) and of course I am devistated to not be able to see you guys, but it’s weird I am devistated on one hand, but relieved on the other hand because I could not face a final goodbye from The Go-Go’s. As long as there is good hope of you guys touring again, I feel comforted. When I first saw that it was the “Happily Ever After” tour, to me it felt like the “Miserably Ever After” tour because the thought of NEVER being able to see you guys again made me feel miserable. You guys were the FIRST CONCERT I EVER SAW. It was in Germany because I was an army brat on November 2, 1982 at Hougenottenhalle. You guys made such an impression on me I have WORSHIPED you guys ever since. Please reconsider not having a “farewell tour”, I think this is a sign of fate for you guys not to break up. It would break mine and all your fans hearts! I just wish it did not take Jane getting really hurt for you guys to see a sign to stay together. My prayers and good vibes are with you Jane. And I hope you all rock another day!!! And don’t throw in the towel next year either please. You guys are too young to retire. You guys have a lot more Go Go in you and you know it.

  3. Hey Jane!

    Love you bunches. I was so sad to hear this was the Go-Go’s last tour; very sad when I heard the LA gig was cancelled; and even sadder when I found out the reason: our Sweet Jane is hurting!

    I wish I could do something to make you smile. The best I can do is promise to donate to a local animal shelter in your name. God bless you and God bless the Go-Go’s. Hoping and praying you are recovering!!!

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