Married By

You know Jane is an ordained minister right?? Visit Jane’s new wedding website and let’s start planning your wedding!!!

No matter which package you choose, Reverend Sister Go-Go will deliver a memorable, loving, and happy ceremony for you and your loved ones! It’s YOUR special day and should reflect your feelings, beliefs and style! Jane is here to help make all your wedding dreams come true!
All creeds, genders & persuasions are welcome to make Jane part of their joyous (non-religious) occasion.


2 thoughts on “Married By

  1. Jane –
    “Someday” (I don’t know when that will be) my wife & I will renew our vows and I am calling (or emailing) YOU! – Rev. Sister GoGo to officiate! We’ve been married for 20 years now so you never know when we will do it, but when we do we will make it worth your while to go somewhere good.

    I was lucky enough to meet you in Virginia before your show this year (I know you don’t remember – I’m the guy from the Redskins) and I just think you were so great and personable.
    Have a Merry Christmas Jane.

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