Lady Robotika needs your help!

Lady Robotika
is on shaky legs and it’s not because Jane fell off a cliff and wrecked her biological knees. The print run for Lady Robotika is based on the pre-orders that customers give their comic book retailers. If the numbers aren’t high enough, Lady Robotika could be cancelled before it even hit the shelves.

YOUR MISSION (If you choose to accept it…)
WE NEED YOU TO PRE-ORDER Lady Robotika #1 so we can continue to bring you her mind-blowing Intergalactic Rock N Roll adventures.

Go to your local comic shop and put an order in (BEFORE 6/24) for JANE WIEDLIN’S LADY ROBOTIKA ISSUE #1, published by IMAGE COMICS. If you don’t know where your nearest comic book shop is, you can find it using this link: OR call this phone number: 1-888-266-4226-65

The fate of Lady Robotika rests in YOUR HANDS! Please Pre-order TODAY! And while you’re at it why not order extra copies for friends and family, earn Intergalactic Brownie Points and Universal Good Karma!

The VERY LAST date to pre-order is 6/24.  It will be almost impossible to get the comic you DON’T pre-order. — Lady Robotika and her cyborg legs thank you!

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