Message from Jane

A message from Jane:

Dear friends,
I am absolutely overjoyed that sane minds have prevailed and Prop H8 has been overturned. Equal rights for adult humans is not something that should EVER be put to a vote!

In celebration of this historic and joyful event, we have lowered the price of my Officiant services.  No matter what your orientation, if you and your beloved are going to tie the knot, I would be honored to be part of your happy day!

Let Love Rule,
Jane (AKA Reverend Sister Go-Go!)

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2 thoughts on “Message from Jane

  1. It’s a shame for us that you live in CA. Had you lived in the New York area, my husband and I would have selected you to officiate instead of the Mayor of Stamford.

    I have always loved you – When I think of you, I am always reminded of the comment what the host of the “Beat the Geek” TV show said when the term “alternate universe” was used by a Trekkie geek – the host said “and in an alternate universe, I am Mr. Jane Weidlin” And I thought “Eureka – that’s exactly how I have felt all these years!” My alternate universe would of course involve me being straight – but, I am sure there are legions of gay boys who would consider experimenting if you were the chemistry teacher.

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