Elettrodomestico album

Just received a super cool email with some thoughts about my album IF YOU”RE A BOY OR A GIRL (available on iTunes). Check it out. 🙂

Dear Jane,
This album really stuck with me – like a “bubblegum in your hair” kind of stuck.  I had to write more about it just to work it through my head.  I originally planned to write something much more sedate and objective about the connections between the lyrics and mid-century psychology theories that aren’t in vogue with anyone anymore (except me).  Then I did the write up for “Rabbit Stew”.  It became something different. . . and I followed along for the ride.

The easiest description would be that it is a modern retelling of the Persephone myth (or how the Persephone myth plays out in the life of a flawed, messy, well-intentioned and genuine mortal).  I do not know what to call this thing I’ve written.  Not exactly fiction.  Not exactly non-fiction.  It’s in the gap between where it’s harder to find names for things.

I even struggle finding a genre name for it.  The closest I can come to is to call it a “companion experience” to the album (Side note:  I’ve been told this is a pretentious genre name, but I’m turning people into goddesses over here so the debate over whether it is pretentious is moot).  It is designed to be read as you are listening to the album; the story of Persephone follows the story arc of the album.  The language moves with the music in a sort of dance.  It’s made for people who are drawn to the album but are not exactly sure why that is yet.  It is included below the signature (because no one should accept attachments from strangers).

I wanted to write more directly about the music, but it made the writing unwieldy (my ideas outweigh my talents).  Although the story is drawn mostly from the lyrics, the music is of no less importance to me.  There are so many layers of sound.  I think I could follow the layers, stratum by stratum until I hit lava.  But each layer is distinct.  That’s that part that really gets me.  How did y’all keep it all so clear?  That takes a deft hand.  You, Pietro and everyone else involved with the writing, recording and mixing did amazing work here.  And there are surprises everywhere, even going down to the structure of the songs.  I even learned how to play the songs so I could  understand how they were made.  There’s so much here. (Side note:  Learning how to play “Mail Order Bride” by ear was pure punishment.  It was, at least, consensual but I would not call it safe or sane.  Were y’all trying to use all the chords in one song?)

I have just one more thing to share with you.  I got a handful of my friends to jump into this adventure with me.  They bought the album and read the story.  One of them, Christy, was struck by the album right away (same as I was).  She lives as a shut-in, mostly for medical and anxiety reasons.  She sings “Rabbit Stew” to herself in the mornings when she faces a long, empty day.  I think it helps her express something that she cannot name.  She calls the album the soundtrack of her life.  After reading the story, she told me that she wanted to get out of the house more.  She had not been out of the house since Thanksgiving.  The best part about that is that she’s actually doing it.  Christy hangs out with me at my house on weekends.  We eat good food, play guitar, talk shit all day and laugh.  It is fantastic.  

You may do whatever you wish with this story.  Read it, share it, ignore it; all are acceptable responses.  I have no expectations.  I desire no attributions.  I require no response.  I am just thankful for the inspiration.  And it has been a hell of a lot of fun.
Still grateful,

Quarantine Queen

Sending lots of love to Billy Ocean for the inspiration!! And stay safe Betty White. 🙂

She caught my eye from across the street
And I knew right then that someday we’d meet
She wore a sexy mask and latex gloves
I told her virtually that I was ready for love


We couldn’t speak so I made a sign
It said when the quarantine’s done your mine
Just then the guy from Amazon
Came to the door and you were gone

I ate all my ramen and Purell
My hopes were dashed
I’ll spend 2020 all by myself


Happy Birthday

A new #JaneWiedlinCovers song for today. Thanks for the inspiration to the band Altered Images!! #janewiedlincovers (shirt by thatjasonwellsguy on instagram)

Happy birthday, President Narcissist
Happy birthday, I got you a bag of shit
Happy birthday, President Liar
I bought you Kleenex, you whiny crier
You’re a viper, I got you diapers
You’re a moron, go drink this Chloron
Happy birthday, President Rapist
President Racist

Happy birthday, President Narcissist
Happy birthday, I got you a bag of shit
Happy birthday, President Liar
I bought you Kleenex, you whiny crier

You’re a viper, I got you diapers
You’re a moron, go drink this Chloron
Happy birthday, President Rapist
President Racist

Here’s a wrecking ball for your stupid wall
Here’s a jail cell, a ticket to hell
Happy birthday, President Asshole
Now shut your piehole

Come November, a voting bender
A voting avalanche, you will shit your pants
Happy birthday President Traitor
President Hater

President Liar
President Crier
President Racist President Rapist
President Narcissist, President Piece of Shit
Happy Birthday!

FEVER re-write – Covid-19

Feeling creative again! Thank DOG! Thanks for the “Fever” inspiration Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell #janewiedlincovers

Never knew how much I loved it
Never knew how much I cared
Since I lost my precious freedom
I got a fever that’s so hard to bear
Cabin fever: all around me
Walls are closing in, that’s right
Fever! in the mornin’
Fever all through the night

Sun lights up the day time
Moon lights up the night
But I can’t see either one
On account of being locked up tight
Cabin fever: all around me
Walls are closing in, that’s right
Fever! in the mornin’
Fever all through the night

Everybody’s got the fever
That is somethin’ you all know
Cabin Fever it’s a new thing
Time is passing oh so slow
Watch the days go by I’m low
Watch the clock tick tock oh no
Suck it up buttercup
we’re trying to save the world here!
Time is passing oh so slow
Cabin Fever


Woke up singing Waterfalls by TLC and was inspired to do a 2020 re-write. My new lyrics are below. I hope you like it. Thank you 🙏 for the inspiration T Boz, Chilli, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Marqueze Etheridge ‪& Organized Noize

Lonely people gazing out of their windows
Staring at a world they can’t touch
Wishing that they could be side by side
Cuz being so alone can hurt so much

But all the praying in the world means nothing now.
If you don’t keep yourself out of trouble
So stay in and take care the best way you know how
Don’t end up lying dead in a gutter

Don’t go chasing waterfalls
stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to
I know that you wanna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you’re moving too fast

So much time to obsess on the latest scandal
Convincing yourself that you know best
But we’re never given more than we can handle
And we’ve got to work our way together out of this mess
The past is gone the future is unclear
And today may be all that we’ve got
But we can’t give up on life take a look in the mirror
And hit it with your very best shot

2020 Update from Jane!

Hi Beautiful people!
Happy 2020. Or as we like to call it: Ramones Year (2020 24 hours a day…) 🙂

I moved to Mexico! My fella and I are living in a beautiful city called Merida in the state of Yucatan. It is a 500 year old colonial outpost, built from the stones of the five Maya temples that the Spaniards found and tore down when they came upon it in the jungle. The Yucatecans, more than most other Mexican Nationals I’ve talked to, really embrace their Spanish and their Maya roots. It is a gorgeous place full of culture, art, architecture, restaurants and more. Did you know MORE Americans are moving to Mexico than the other way around? It’s true!

Unless you are living under a rock (and that actually sounds kinda cool), you know that Go-Go’s activity has really ramped up. We had the Broadway Musical, Head Over Heels, which ran for SIX months. Now the show is being produced all over the country in smaller theatres. Pretty cool.  The latest news is that the documentary, The Go-Go’s premiered at Sundance Film Festival. It’s getting rave reviews from audience members and critics alike.

This year, as it turns out, is going to be really busy. We have the documentary likely playing at festivals worldwide, which they want us to attend.

This film is responsible for so much healing in our band. I’m incredibly grateful for it and the director, Alison Ellwood. We LOVE the movie; it’s funny, touching and super interesting. The documentary will air on Showtime and coming to theatres nationwide. More info about the movie will be revealed soon!

I am thrilled to announce that the Go-Go’s will be playing select dates to support the film in June/July (click HERE for tickets). Also – there’s a brand new Go-Go’s song in the documentary called Club Zero and we are really excited and proud for people to hear! 

And that’s just my Go-Go’s news!

OTHER NEWS A few weeks ago I had the wonderful experience of attending an art opening for a wonderful artist, Beatriz Monteavaro. One of her muses is the Go-Go’s so a lot of her work features us. Betty (as she is called) is also a drummer and we jammed together at the opening. It was a strange and fabulous experience and I made some great new friends.

Part of the aftermath of this is that I decided to START PAINTING! I’ve always been in awe of visual artists; pretty sure I have little to no talent in that area…BUT I decided, fuck it, I’m going to do it anyway! So far it has been challenging, scary, fun. I think scaring yourself as often as possible is pretty healthy (within reason OF COURSE!).

And in other news – you know how much I love raising funds for various animal rescue groups by selling my stage-wear. We have recently listed some new (and vintage) items to my online store. Take a look around and you might find something you like. 

I am thrilled to announce that my band Elettrodomestico (ED) will be touring with The Psychedelic Furs (click HERE for tickets) in April. We’ve got a new single coming out soon (yay!).

 I’d like to invite you to read the letter I’ve attached below. It’s a very thoughtful piece from a fan (Anita) who recently discovered the Elettrodomestico album:
If You’re A Boy Or A Girl, and wrote to me to share her impressions of it.

If what she wrote intrigues you, please listen for yourself! Click HERE to purchase the LP and other merchandise. Or if you’re more of a download person it is also available on iTunes.

And if you’re a visual music fan – here’s a link to all ten of the videos we made to accompany the album, which was done on a $1000 budget each by many of our beloved friends.

Hope to see you somewhere in the world this year!
Much love to all,
Overall impressions of IF YOU’RE A BOY OR A GIRL 
Do you know how long it has been since I just sat down and listened to a new album? There are so many layers in this album. It demanded attention. So now I’m lying in my bed with my headphones and I am amazed.   This must be what it felt like for kids in the 60’s picking up Sgt. Pepper’s for the first time (I had my own Sgt. Pepper’s experience when I was a kid, but the album wasn’t contemporary to me and that makes a difference).  There is so much here.  As soon as you begin to grasp it, it slips out of your fingertips.  Here will be my best attempt at capturing what eludes. 

Rabbit Stew – Bowie would love every second of this.  For real, girl.  You did him justice.  He is smiling in the English evergreens hearing this song. 

Aloha – Dicks gonna be dicks.  I live in Kentucky so it’s like experiencing all the social judgement of Hawaii but without the beaches and sunsets.  If I wrote the Kentucky version of this song, it would be called “Well, I’ll holler atcha”. . .  My God, I don’t want to die alone, three thousand miles from nowhere. The bass really drives in this song.  The controlled, fast rhythm guitar gives just enough edge to everything.  The Hawaiian guitar is mixed at just the right amount.  It would have been so easy to screw that part up and have too much of it. 

Mail Order Bride – The repeating Do it’s in the beginning are hypnotic.  The vocal harmonies are tight.  Makes me wish I could sing harmonies.  The backing acoustic guitar really grounds everything.  The tone of the lead guitar reminds me of my favorite shoe gaze band. This song has a menacing undercurrent.  The lyrics oddly remind me of “Atonement” by Lucinda Williams (about the only country I listen to except for the old country singers).  Fighting the predetermined social and religious conventions is hard, yo. 

Love Me at a Distance – Now we hit our George Harrison song of the album.  The irony that a song like this should appear on the album the first time I sent my thoughts directly to an artist is not lost on me.  I didn’t really plan this out well, did I?  Maybe this is a mistake. 

Brittle – I had a friend once who said that she could breathe underwater when she was a child.  Madeleine L’Engle said that she could fly down the staircase when she was a girl.  What makes us have those abilities in the first place and what makes us lose them?  And what do you do with yourself once they are lost? I guess you keep trying, keep moving, keep creating.  Maybe someday you’ll be able to fly again. 

Stop, Drop and Swallow – Rollo May (psychologist) said that apathy would be the central crisis of our generation.  Kreia (the most badass Jedi/Sith Master ever) said that apathy is death.  If we numb ourselves to the point that we don’t remember what it feels like to be alive, what is even the point? Maybe the point is to remind yourself that it is a temporary state as long as you choose for it to be.  The choosing is the thing, I suppose – to choose to put yourself in the struggle when it would be so much easier to be lazy and dead.This song is a slow burn musically.  The vocals hypnotize.  It’s so dreamy.  It fits the lyrics perfectly. 

Bliss – Oh girl, I feel this song in my marrow.  Looking over the landscape of your past mistakes is never easy.   

Nightblind – One of my anxieties that can keep me up at night is the fear that I don’t even know all that I’m blind to.  Of course I don’t know how blind I am!  Creation and dialogue help you to see those blind spots. I really love the chord progression in the verse.   

Lost at Sea – Oh, I feel this one.  I’m in one of those post breakup, lost at sea periods.  The line “it MOSTLY comes from a place of love” gets me the most.  Mostly. . . Yeah.  That’s some honesty right there.  It’s brutal . . . mostly.  It’s a compassionate brutal.  My favorite kind. There’s a wavering in the guitar tone that makes it sound like everything is underwater.  The off-kilter drum beat gives this song a different feel than the rest of the album. 

The Next Night – My God, I hope it makes the next night easier.  Actually, this does make me feel hopeful.  So thanks for that. And thanks for pushing through to make this album.  I hope it felt like a renaissance for you.  
 With appreciation and respect,Anita 

UPDATE from Jane

Hi beautiful people!
First of all, let me wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

2018 was a tumultuous year for the US, but I was lucky enough to have a very good (personal) 2018. There were a lot of big milestones.

The musical of Go-Go’s songs, HEAD OVER HEELS went to Broadway, where it played for SIX months! This whole musical thing has been a total trip. You may or may not know that it has been in the works for SEVEN YEARS. So many gifted people joined the HOH family along the way. We were blessed with the best talent in the theatrical world. Still, when it finally opened on Broadway, at the gorgeous Hudson Theater, it felt like a dream to me. Sometimes I still can’t believe it all happened. I saw the show over and over and never loved it any less. Many of you graced us with your presence there (some of you multiple times!) and I thank you so much for your support!

Now that HOH has finished its (first) run on Broadway, the show is open for other theaters in other cities, states and countries to stage. I have fingers crossed that this happens. I can’t think of anything more fun than visiting places (London please!) to see new and different versions of the show.

The Go-Go’s were honored with the invitation to play THREE nights at the Hollywood Bowl as part of the annual Fourth Of July celebration. There were fireworks and the LA Philharmonic! It is a slightly intimidating gig. As you can imagine, we are VERY different musicians than a classically trained orchestra!

Still, it was a total blast, and gave me the opportunity to reconnect with so many friends in Southern California. I love the Hollywood Bowl. It’s the first place I ever saw a concert at (Elton John), and the place the Go-Go’s have come back to over and over, since Hollywood is the band’s hometown.

My band ELETTRODOMESTICO also had an exciting year. The best part was being the opening act for legendary LA band X on their 2018 tour. I’ve known X since the 1970s and have always adored them musically and personally. They are just as brilliant as ever so don’t miss them if they play in your town. ELETTRODOMESTICO was also chosen to write the theme song for a cool TV show called PINK COLLAR CRIME that played on CBS all summer.

Speaking of X, singer/songwriter for the band John Doe has put together another book about the LA punk scene. I was honored to write a chapter in his first book, UNDER THE BIG BLACK SUN. I was chosen again for the second book, coming out in spring of this year. It’s called MORE FUN IN THE NEW WORLD. I can’t wait to read it! If you are interested in the origins of California punk (and the Go-Go’s) you should check out these books!

I adopted a new dog in February 2018. I got him at the San Francisco SPCA. He is a young rat terrier and I named him Kevin. He is the smartest, most energetic dog I have ever had. Luckily he is also very loving and loyal, otherwise he’d drive me insane! I post a lot of Kevin pictures/stories on my Instagram page. And my sweet dog Malcolm just turned twelve. He’s deaf and he’s got no teeth, but he is still a little male supermodel. He is also on my Instagram a lot.

In other dog news, I continued my work volunteering for Golden State Greyhound Adoption. We bring in approx. 30 racing greyhounds from Florida every three months and help them get in forever homes. It’s the best feeling helping them! Luckily, greyhound racing is being stopped in Florida (the last US state to have it) in the next year, so there won’t be a need for our group anymore. I also volunteered at a place called Xenophon. They provide therapeutic riding for children with all kinds of disabilities. It was so fun working with the horses, and also, for my first time, helping kids! Impossible not to fall in love with both!

The best thing that happened to me in 2018 is that I finally met my “forever man”! I’d been basically single for 4 years and had given up on meeting anyone. This was okay, because I’d finally figured out that I was happy alone and had found a new appreciation of the love I get from family and friends. I had tried the online dating thing several times with terrible results. I decided to give it one more go and TA DA…I met a great guy! His name is Terence and we are very very happy together. We both share a love of traveling, adventures, creativity and DOGS! It’s been pretty amazing so far and 2019 is going to be REALLY exciting because we are going down to Mexico to see if we want to move there! I love me a new place to live!

If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m constantly cleaning out my closet (Konichiwa, Marie Kondo-san!) and selling my things via MY ONLINE STORE to raise money for animal charities. 2018 was no exception. Lots of money was raised and lots of groups benefitted from your generosity. I thank you.

One group I particularly support is WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT . They fight to stop specific animal experimentation that is redundant and/or wasteful. That means they save animals AND taxpayer dollars. There are lots of other charities that benefit from your purchase, so please look in my store and buy yourself some JW stuff in 2019! There are a lot of new things coming, as I have once again done a brutal culling of my possessions! Oh, and as a further incentive, I am offering a 5 minute phone call with me if you spend more than $200.

Thank you for reading and lots of love to you all,
Oakland, CA February 2019

2018 Update from Jane

Happy 2018!
Hope it’s a good one for everyone.
Last year was a real rollercoaster. I had a wonderful time with my new bandmate, Pietro Straccia, finishing the recording of our first album for our new band, Elettrodomestico.

The record is called “If You’re A Boy Or A Girl” and you can download it HERE or purchase physical copies (and other merchandise) HERE.

Please check it out! Pietro and I also spent two months in Italy over the summer having fun and playing small shows wherever we could get them. The people of Italy were so warm and hospitable; it was truly a wonderful experience.

Elettrodomestico also made music videos for all 10 of our songs! You can watch them HERE.

The new Go-Go’s musical, “Head Over Heels” was in workshops last year so I got to go to NYC to be part of that. Theater is a new experience for me and it is a blast learning about it and witnessing the creation of a Broadway show.

If you haven’t heard about the musical, it’s a crazy mashup of a story writ ten in the 1580’s set to the 1980’s music of the Go-Go’s! THE EIGHTIES will NEVER die, apparently!

The show is premiering in San Francisco starting April 10, 2018 at the Curran Theater. It goes to Broadway at the Hudson Theater on June 23rd. Visit the musical website HERE.

This summer I attended the wedding of my dear friend Doug Quint (Big Gay Ice Cream) in August in Maine. Pietro and I performed during the ceremony and then again during the reception. Let Love Rule! 

Elettrodomestico also did a West Coast tour in October. When I got back – I sold my house in San Francisco and moved into a new one in the East Bay.

In November Charlotte and I were honored by the Dramatists Guild for our work as writers at a very fancy gala in New York. That was pretty crazy and something I never expected!

The holidays were a ton of fun because I now live much closer to my siblings and their kids, so their were a lot of holiday performances and family parties to attend.
Already, 2018 has been jam packed with exciting events and performances, which is pretty funny considering I had just announced to everyone that I was RETIRED!

The Go-Go’s played in NYC (again to New York!) at a party celebrating the upcoming Broadway opening of our musical “Head Over Heels”. Then the next day we flew to Miami and did a performance for the Theater Owners Of America. They were having their yearly convention and it’s when they learn what shows are coming out and if they want to bring them to their town. Exciting stuff!!

Also Go-Go’s will be playing a few select shows this summer. Visit Gogos.com for upcoming show dates.

I continue to raise money for animals rescue by selling off my stagewear and other stuff. If you want to help save animals, or just want a cool memento  check out my online store HERE.

I just adopted a new dog from the San Francisco SPCA. Here he is!! So far he doesn’t have a name, but we are working on that!

Click HERE to see my upcoming events in Feb, March and April. Check in at JaneWiedlin.com for more upcoming summer appearances.

Good thing I’m having a relaxing retirement! LOL!! 
See you soon!
Lots of love,

Can you hear them? They talk about us… :)

Click link to read article:

VOGUE – The Go-Go’s Reunite for a Concert Celebrating a New Broadway Musical, Head Over Heels

VARIETY – Go-Go’s Musical ‘Head Over Heels’ Books Broadway’s Hudson Theater

BILLBOARD – Go-Go’s Musical ‘Head Over Heels’ Finds a Home on Broadway

NY DAILY NEWS – Go-Go’s musical ‘Head Over Heels’ sets Broadway dates, cast 

BROADWAY.com – Go-Go’s Musical Head Over Heels to Play Broadway’s Hudson Theatre; Casting Announced

DEADLINE – Go-Go’s Reunite In Mini-Concert, Setting The Stage For Broadway-Bound ‘Head Over Heels’ Musical

PLAYBILL – RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Peppermint Will Make Her Broadway Debut in Go-Go’s Musical Head Over Heels

Jane Wiedlin forms new group – Elettrodomestico

Guitarist for The Go-Go’s, Jane Wiedlin penned many of their greatest songs, including “Our Lips Our Sealed” (a co-write with Terry Hall of Specials/Fun Boy Three), and she’s had solo hits, too, not to mention duetting with Sparks on the great “Cool Places.”

Her current project is Elettrodomestico, a collaboration with Pietro Straccia that is a more modern, synthy take on the kind of catchy power pop Jane made with the Go-Go’s. Their debut album, If You’re a Boy or a Girl, will be out October 20 and we’ve got the premiere of the slinky “Rabbit Stew” which falls somewhere, sonically, between Elastica and Garbage.

Full article


Broadway’s got the beat: “Head Over Heels,” the musical that takes it score from the catalog of the band The Go-Go’s, has mapped out its road to New York, with a San Francisco run lined up for a spring opening prior to a move to Broadway for the 2018-19 season.

With Gwyneth Paltrow on board as one of its producers, “Head Over Heels” is an unlikely pairing of an Elizabethan romance (based on Philip Sidney’s “Arcadia”) with the pop hits of the all-female

band. Jeff Whitty (“Avenue Q”) conceived the show and wrote the original book, which is adapted by James Magruder. Michael Mayer (“Spring Awakening,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”) directs, with choreography by Spencer Liff (“Hedwig,” “So You Think You Can Dance”).

Familiar tunes in the score include “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation” and “Our Lips Are Sealed,” as well as solo hits by the band’s frontwoman, Belinda Carlyle (“Mad About You,” “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”). The production premiered in 2015 at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and had a developmental workshop at New York Stage and Film the following year.

The new staging reunites several members of the creative team of Mayer’s Tony-winning revival of “Hedwig,” including Liff, set designer Julian Crouch, lighting design Kevin Adams and costume designer Arianne Phillips.

“Head Over Heels” runs April 24-May 20 at the Curran Theater in San Francisco, with the exact dates and theater of the Broadway run still to be announced. Casting also has yet to be set.

Full article HERE

Elettrodomestico’s Jane Wiedlin On Her New Band With Pietro Straccia

After the Go-Go’s retired from touring 2016, founding member Jane Wiedlin opted to start writing new music and get back in the studio. Wiedlin and Pietro Straccia, who first met in 2014, wrote their first song for Elettrodomestico following the death of David Bowie. The rest of the songs that make up If You’re a Boy or a Girl — which is scheduled for release on October 20 — were recorded in a variety of locations, including Straccia’s home studio, between February of 2016 and April of 2017.

The first Elettrodomestico track to have a proper accompanying music video was “Rabbit Stew.” Directed by pop/gore artist Brice Frillici — also known as SekDek — the video explores themes of marriage, conflict, gender non-conformity, and rebirth. Wiedlin and Straccia ultimately appear as wedding cake toppers in the “Rabbit Stew” clip, which was premiered by Brooklyn Vegan earlier this month.

In support of If You’re a Boy or a Girl, Elettrodomestico kicks off a West Coast tour on October 18 at Seattle’s Sunset Room. Touring continues with stops in Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Show dates, videos, and music from Elettrodomestico can be found on the duo’s Bandcamp page.

When did Elettrodomestico start in relation to the Go-Go’s ending?

Jane Wiedlin: The Go-Go’s are still together, we’ve just retired from touring! We did our final tour in Summer of 2016. Pietro and I wrote for all of 2016 and decided to become a band together in December of that year.

Around how many songs did you and Pietro write for Elettrodomestico’s first album?

Jane Wiedlin: I think we wrote 12 songs in collaboration. I probably wrote around 40 sets of lyrics and Pietro gravitated towards the ones he related to or just liked. We really loved what we were coming up with, so there wasn’t a lot of waste.

What is the writing process like for Elettrodomestico? Do you and have Pietro have to be in the room together to write?

Jane Wiedlin: No, in fact, I was in Hawaii and Pietro in Oakland for most of the writing process.

Do you have a favorite song on the Elettrodomestico album?

Jane Wiedlin: I really love “Lost at Sea” and “Mail Order Bride.”

The video for “Rabbit Stew” was premiered via Brooklyn Vegan. How did you first encounter Brice Fillici?

Jane Wiedlin: Brice is a friend whom we are very big fans of. He makes amazing art under the name SekDek. Pietro had previously modeled for him on several occasions. Since we enlisted many of our creative friends to choose a song and make a video, having Brice do two videos was an obvious choice and a real coup for us. We LOVE what he does!

For someone thinking of coming to see your band’s upcoming West Coast tour, what should be expected? Do you only play songs by Elettrodomestico?

Jane Wiedlin: We do our entire album in order, since people don’t really know our songs yet. We also do a few Go-Go’s songs for fun. And we will be adding more songs as time goes on. As you can imagine, between the two of us, we have hundreds of songs!

Is Elettrodomestico a full-time thing for you? Might there be another solo Jane Wiedlin album in the future? Or even more from froSTed?

Jane Wiedlin: Yes, Elettrodomestico is full-time. We are both fully committed to this project. We love our babies — songs — and love working and singing together. Being in a duo is a blast! I doubt I will do more solo or froSTed.

Are there plans for you and Pietro to play live on the East Coast?

Jane Wiedlin: We just came back from doing some East Coast shows and hope to do lots more as soon as possible.

Full article HERE