FEVER re-write – Covid-19

Feeling creative again! Thank DOG! Thanks for the “Fever” inspiration Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell #janewiedlincovers

Never knew how much I loved it
Never knew how much I cared
Since I lost my precious freedom
I got a fever that’s so hard to bear
Cabin fever: all around me
Walls are closing in, that’s right
Fever! in the mornin’
Fever all through the night

Sun lights up the day time
Moon lights up the night
But I can’t see either one
On account of being locked up tight
Cabin fever: all around me
Walls are closing in, that’s right
Fever! in the mornin’
Fever all through the night

Everybody’s got the fever
That is somethin’ you all know
Cabin Fever it’s a new thing
Time is passing oh so slow
Watch the days go by I’m low
Watch the clock tick tock oh no
Suck it up buttercup
we’re trying to save the world here!
Time is passing oh so slow
Cabin Fever

One thought on “FEVER re-write – Covid-19

  1. Hello, let me first tell you that this is not a love letter, hahaha. Or you may get afraid of me. But read that my “little” narration, please:

    I was a 14-year-old boy when I first heard and saw the Go-Go’s in a video clip’s TV show in my city: Fortaleza, Brazil. I loved the song “Head over Heels” and was impressed. That was the first time I had seen a band only with girls!

    Right after the satisfaction of my ears, my eyes shone to that wonderful guitarist, the only black-haired girl, so charming and smiling. I used to run from anywhere in the house to hear the girls and take a look at that gorgeous woman.

    In the beginning of 1985, I’ve heard the Go-go’s would come to Rock in Rio. I was very excited, and sad, at the same time. Rio de Janeiro is quite too distant from Fortaleza. So close, so far… I had to settle for the fact I would have to see the band on TV. And that would be hard, because my parents didn’t like rock very much. Anyway, I could “negotiate” to watch part of the shows, and one of them was the Go-go’s.

    The year followed, and I saw you again in a different and totally surprising way: you were in one of my favorite films ever (in fact, one of the few comedies I like, I am very fan of terror films): Clue!! The telegram girl was you! I couldn’t believe, but I couldn’t be wrong too. I paid for another session, just to see with my eyes had not cheated me!

    At that time, with no facilities of Internet, in a city of the Northeast part of Brazil, although a state capital, it was hard to get any further about information. In fact, I had no idea of your name (movie theaters used to “cut” the credits, so they could get some more time for extra sessions). The admiration stood tight, but time goes…

    I’ve become a Brazilian Literature and English high school teacher, “sang” on stage with my favorite Brazilian rock band (recorded on DVD, Jesus! hahaha), got married three times (and divorced all of them hahaha), had two children, wrote a book of aphorisms (next step: an epistolary novel and a book of chronicles wrote during the COVID lockdown), my rock style became heavier…

    Well, 35 years later, a Facebook group which I belong, based on bands of the 80’s brings my memory back to “Head Over Heels” video clip. Then my mind exploded: “Now I can find out that guitarist’s name!” To my astonishing surprise, not only your name was revealed in my PC’s computer, but also that Go-Go’s keep playing, and that you have a solo career! I’ve already seen your video clips in YouTube, right before righting this.

    Well, Jane Wiedlin (finally!!), that was just to tell you that THAT 14-year-old boy, now a 50-year-old man decided to follow your work and Facebook profile. It’s an honor for me! I’ve already listened some of your latest songs in your site and I really confirmed: you’re not only a nice and beautiful artist, but it’s enormously talented! Sorry for my poor English. In spite of being a teacher, I’ve never been abroad and it’s sometimes hard to find the exact words and structures to express myself.

    Stand tight! I hope I haven’t disturbed or being indelicate at all. Just wanted you to know that your work is admired even where you don’t expect!


    Roderic Szasz

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