2018 Update from Jane

Happy 2018!
Hope it’s a good one for everyone.
Last year was a real rollercoaster. I had a wonderful time with my new bandmate, Pietro Straccia, finishing the recording of our first album for our new band, Elettrodomestico.

The record is called “If You’re A Boy Or A Girl” and you can download it HERE or purchase physical copies (and other merchandise) HERE.

Please check it out! Pietro and I also spent two months in Italy over the summer having fun and playing small shows wherever we could get them. The people of Italy were so warm and hospitable; it was truly a wonderful experience.

Elettrodomestico also made music videos for all 10 of our songs! You can watch them HERE.

The new Go-Go’s musical, “Head Over Heels” was in workshops last year so I got to go to NYC to be part of that. Theater is a new experience for me and it is a blast learning about it and witnessing the creation of a Broadway show.

If you haven’t heard about the musical, it’s a crazy mashup of a story writ ten in the 1580’s set to the 1980’s music of the Go-Go’s! THE EIGHTIES will NEVER die, apparently!

The show is premiering in San Francisco starting April 10, 2018 at the Curran Theater. It goes to Broadway at the Hudson Theater on June 23rd. Visit the musical website HERE.

This summer I attended the wedding of my dear friend Doug Quint (Big Gay Ice Cream) in August in Maine. Pietro and I performed during the ceremony and then again during the reception. Let Love Rule! 

Elettrodomestico also did a West Coast tour in October. When I got back – I sold my house in San Francisco and moved into a new one in the East Bay.

In November Charlotte and I were honored by the Dramatists Guild for our work as writers at a very fancy gala in New York. That was pretty crazy and something I never expected!

The holidays were a ton of fun because I now live much closer to my siblings and their kids, so their were a lot of holiday performances and family parties to attend.
Already, 2018 has been jam packed with exciting events and performances, which is pretty funny considering I had just announced to everyone that I was RETIRED!

The Go-Go’s played in NYC (again to New York!) at a party celebrating the upcoming Broadway opening of our musical “Head Over Heels”. Then the next day we flew to Miami and did a performance for the Theater Owners Of America. They were having their yearly convention and it’s when they learn what shows are coming out and if they want to bring them to their town. Exciting stuff!!

Also Go-Go’s will be playing a few select shows this summer. Visit Gogos.com for upcoming show dates.

I continue to raise money for animals rescue by selling off my stagewear and other stuff. If you want to help save animals, or just want a cool memento  check out my online store HERE.

I just adopted a new dog from the San Francisco SPCA. Here he is!! So far he doesn’t have a name, but we are working on that!

Click HERE to see my upcoming events in Feb, March and April. Check in at JaneWiedlin.com for more upcoming summer appearances.

Good thing I’m having a relaxing retirement! LOL!! 
See you soon!
Lots of love,

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