2 thoughts on “CLUB ZERO

  1. Jane, Briefly (I’ll try!) I’m 72. Been a rocker all my life. Enjoy playing bass, 12-string, banjo. Musical idols – Del Shannon (R.I.P.) Joe Osborn, bassist, The Wrecking Crew. (R.I.P.) Favorite group of all time – The Byrds. But……. My three favorite albums of ALL TIME – “Full Moon Fever” – Tom Petty / “Talk Show” – The Go Go’s / “Boston” – Boston. One day wife and I were in NYC. We stopped at Hershey’s Candy shop in Midtown. They were playing ‘candy’-themed songs on the P.A. and that’s when I heard “Big Rock Candy Mountain.” Loved it. Bought it. Just finished watching the Go Go’s documentary on Showtime. Hence, this email. Thank you for being You!

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