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  1. great great interview, love the punk origin, love the free flow, loved the “fuck it i’ll say what i want.
    i’m a few months old than you jane, rocktober 57. i’ve identified w/punk since i was 10 though there was no punk, but something was in me and it set me apart from everyone. my friends ditched me because i dressed like a punk back then though it was 7 years before punk really became known. then in 69 i hear the stooges ‘ i wanna be your dog” and that was it. that was in my head for years. that was the start of my search. heard basically nothing on the waves. i graduated high school in 76, heard the ramones and i itched to immerse myself in punk, live the life. i jobbed for a couple years then bolted. i took off when i had $$ and hit the road. hitched my way to LA. couched surfed in my met friend’s flats. i was looking for punk and, for me, it was hard as hell to find. i saw you ladies, well girls back then, by chance at the whiskey. the whiskey was legendary so i decided to scrape some coin and go. it was my birthday month, rocktober 78, so i treated myself. and there you all were. i went “what the fuck is this??” i found the pot of gold. i got toasted, did like a quarter gram of coke., but it was the best time of my life. then i went and slept behind a dumpster. no idea where, just floated so stoked at what i had just seen.
    i wanted to stay in L.A. but i probably would have died if i had. i was too weak to not give in to all the drugs. all my rec money went to drugs though i wasn’t really out of control. you didn’t see me passed out, but i recognized i was headed that way so i had to roll. but i saw you all before you went big and it’s one of those memories that very very few people have experienced.
    so once again i hit the road and eventually rolled into fort worth tejas in 81. of course i went on the hunt for punk. i actually found a punk polka band, now that’s a trip and they were great. but that was isolated. but i still searched.
    and i went to this restaurant that was two blocks from where i lived. it had live music in the cellar call Blossom’s. it held maybe 100 people I went there a lot. one night this ugly guy wearing all white chiffon, like hendrix wore once, played. i’m like “ah, don’t copy”. then he played. he opened with voodoo chile’ slight return. and i went “holy fucking shit” i went every night he was there. so much that he got friendly with me. i bought him drinks, he bought me drinks. he told me about the chitlin circuit. we hung out after shows and he actually went on a couple boonie rides when he didn’t have a gig that night.
    two fucking great memories but seeing the go-go’s at the whiskey is my favorite. when you search for something that’s almost a myth and you find it. it’s just about life changing.
    so so so so happy you guys are in the rock hof. i wrote in when you 1st became eligible and did so every year. i voted every day when you could.
    PS: i saw you in san fran in 1999. you guys play an edge on the guitars that night. you played automatic which is my favorite song, and that night was the best version ever.
    another ps: god bless the go-go’s is a great album. club zero, another fucking great. where are the rest?
    thank you for your indulgence

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