2 thoughts on “Dr G: Engaging Minds with Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go’s

  1. Just saw the docco here in Australia! Best thing ever. I knew I absolutely had to see it when I saw the add on TV a week ago, was counting the hours till it was on. Wasn’t sure why, then it all came back. You guys were one of the best bands in the eighties, great, Infectious tunes. Thanks. And well done getting into the hall of fame…FINALLY!

  2. Interesting interview… I was a new mom in the early 80s and missed the Punk scene, but my daughter grew up to love it and your music! Thank you for being straightforward about your time and life. Change of topic: our dads served together in the US and in Europe 1944/45– yours was a squad leader, mine was an assistant gunner in his squad. They were friends. With respect, do you (or a sibling) have any interest in exchanging info about this time in their lives? I wrote to your fan club in 2019, but it wasn’t acknowledged, so not sure you received the message 🙂 All the best in your future endeavors!

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