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Hello Everyone! How are you??
Thank you for following me online. I appreciate all the love and kindness you shower upon me!  Here’s a little update on my 2015. It was awfully exciting.

Detail_2015_HOH_746x420Midway through 2015, the new MUSICAL, “Head Over Heels”, opened to great reviews and strong audience support at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The musical uses the music of the Go-Go’s, but the story is based on ARCADIA, a book written by a contemporary of Shakespeare named Phillip Sydney. It is a really fun tale with lots of twists and turns, gender-bending and romance. It was so fun to sit next to Charlotte watching the play when we all went up to see it. We were clutching hands like schoolgirls! It was also really nice to see Kathy. We couldn’t be prouder of the show and now it is being groomed to go to NEW YORK CITY! I hope when it open there that you will all go see it.

As for me: I moved to Hilo, Hawaii in August of 2015. This is my amazing view from my backyard.

Once12509910_10153685816676066_4681067627011045016_n I settled in to my new home in Hawaii I quickly learned that local humane societies and law enforcement agencies are inundated by reports of island dogs leading bleak lives, on chains 24/7, incarcerated in tiny kennels, and forced to endlessly breed, creating a massive overpopulation problem.

This type of animal abuse creates dangerous dogs, which are a safety hazard and a huge public expense. Humane societies are euthanizing at alarming rates. Stories of mistreated dogs in Hawaii have become more and more common. It was clearly NOT the Paradise I thought I was going to be living in.

At first I was really upset and depressed, and scared because it was a HUGE endeavor moving to this island, so far away. Then, I decided I had to take a stand and use my creativity to work with all my might to help pets any way I could. It was the moral thing and the right thing to do.

I started fostering dogs and cats. Then I organized a fundraiser to benefit a local animal rescue group, Aloha Ilio Rescue. Our little party ended up raising $5000, 100% of which went directly to the animals!

Next I wrote a program to be presented at elementary schools called Dogs Are Ohana! (“ohana” means “family”). It is a 45 minute show with three acts.

In Act One, we teach the keiki (kids) the stories of Ancient Hawaii, when dogs were revered and treated honorably. Act Two we show kids that there are other, better ways to keep dogs instead of living on chains or in tiny kennels, and also point out (in a cute funny way) the problems with not spaying/neutering your dog. Act Three is a dog tricks performance, starring a famous dog trainer and her cute talented dogs.

The kids learn that there is SO MUCH MORE that a dog can be, if you treat him right! We plan to start performing this show at elementary schools around the island starting in the Spring.

The next thing I did was befriend a local state Senator, Russell Ruderman, and ask him for help in reforming the anti-cruelty laws in Hawaii, which are practically non-existent and certainly not enforced.

I am happy to say, we now have several bills that will be presented to the Senate at the end of this month. These bills will strengthen our currently weak laws, and help create a new era of more humane treatment of our dogs in this Aloha State.

I don’t know if they will pass, but I will not give up! The one bill I think has a pretty good chance is the bill to end the EATING of DOGS. I know there are many who think the eating of any animal is wrong, but, as our spiritual companions, I feel like we need to at least start with DOGS! It just isn’t right to eat the one species on this planet that willingly aligns itself with humans!

Living with me I’ve got four “permanent” pets, all seniors. These are my dogs, Geordie (black Greyhound) and Malcolm (Chinese Crested)geordie11541877_10153280844046066_6656071674899898556_n

These are my cats, Gummy Bear (Siamese) and Frank (don’t know what he is, but he has a raccoon tail!)…I had to lure Frank out from under the guest bed (where he lives) w a can of food!


Below are my latest two foster dogs. As of January they are both now in fabulous forever homes! First photo is me w Little Red Dog.IMG_2646

Her new forever home has a ten year old boy who is very kind and very smart. He re-named her Kaylee and is already teaching her tricks.  PS Yes, I do have blue hair.

Sammy the sweet Pittie was chained 24/7, living on lava rocks w nothing to eat or drink.

12661898_10207369695952607_6504892369436424817_nYou an see in the photo that he was severely under weight and almost dead when he was rescued.

Sam was in a vet hospital for two weeks and then I got him. He went from 30 pounds to 70 pounds while I had him. He is now in his forever home and is treated like the prince he is. If I never do anything else, I am so proud of saving this wonderful guy.

I have always been very passionate about animals and how they are treated but my moving to Hawaii and working with Aloha Ilio Rescue has reignited my passion for direct action.

Also – last week the Hawaii Island Humane Society hosted (along with the Animal Balance MASH team) a free spay/neuters for our community at the Kea’au shelter. Thanks to all these great volunteers for all the hard work. It was a lot of work but we spay/neutered 331 animals!!

screen-captureTo raise funds for animals I am using a large portion of the proceeds from my online shop (which sells autographed items and various items from my stage wardrobe to my personal closet) to help fund various animal rescue efforts here on the island. You can check out what’s for sale HERE.

2015 was a year of massive change and introspection. Moving to Hawaii on my own, as a single gal, was exciting but scary. And as you now know from the above, it changed my whole life!

Coming up in 2016: I am looking forward to flying to Oahu to testify on behalf of the anti-cruelty Senate bills I created. I’ll be visiting the island of Aruba in April to volunteer at a massive spay/neuter campaign there. And in August, the Go-Go’s will heading out for our final, farewell tour. Dates have not been annouced yet but watch the Go-Go’s FB page for updates. I hope all of you will come out!

This farewell tour looks like it’s for realsies. (And, no, we have never done a farewell tour before. We had one scheduled for 2010, but cancelled it when I fell off a cliff and destroyed my knee!). It is with mixed feelings that we embark on our last adventure together. What an incredible ride we have had. I hope you will continue to follow all of us on our future endeavors. I can’t thank you enough for your support of the band and my solo work over all these FIVE decades!

My biggest hope these days is that my adventures of helping animals will inspire you to get out there and do something, no matter how small. It all starts with one act of kindness!

As always you can keep up to date with my work at my Facebook page and my Twitter.
As my much-adored mom always signed off:
Love, love, love, Jane

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  1. Sad to see the GoGos call it quits! But will travel to Cali to see the end where it all began! Love you passion for those who can not speak! Xoxo Jan

  2. I will def see you in August. Congratulations on your new home and your new endeavors. You’ve always been a wonderful friend to the animals.

  3. Also: I will DEFINITELY buy a ticket to go see ‘Head Over Heels’ on Broadway.

  4. Hi Jane…I have loved you for years! I love your Beautiful ( Traveling ) Heart…and..Care and Love for animals!! You have a georgeous view…Hawaii must be Breathtaking! ( I have never been there )…I am almost Certain to be at your upcoming Go-Go’s tour ( when it reaches NY )…Wishing you Lot’s of Love!! Johnny

  5. Thanks for the update, Jane. It’s nice to hear of your new adventures in Hawaii and what you are doing there is inspiring. I’ve been a fan since MTV…like Mark Goodman and Martha Quinn MTV. It kinda feels like we grew up together. Your music helped me through a very difficult period in 2005. I share my home with six dogs and three cats. All except one were rescues. Punky, one of the dogs, had a particularly traumatic life before she came to me. Someone doused her with hot grease, burning off large patches of hair. Despite how she was treated Punky displayed amazing affection for me from day one and today she is a well-adjusted and loved dog that gets reminded every day how beautiful she is. One of the cats, Stevie, is completely blind. I brought her from a horse barn where she was a barn cat to the house because I was afraid her disability would put her at risk. These days Stevie gets around better than her sighted companions and will even dole out the occasional ass-whipping and catch a mouse despite her blindness (side note: she was not named after Stevie Wonder but after Stevie Nicks; her vision went away shortly before she turned a year old). It takes commitment and sacrifice to care for these animals. Just yesterday I saw an eye surgeon for a lingering issue and was diagnosed with neuroretinitis as a residual effect of a cat scratch. I don’t really go on vacations or even out much. Is it worth it? Yeah. My experience is that humans as a whole are overrated; I much prefer my canine, feline, and equine friends. And, anyway, they get me. Gosh, rambling, but hey…keep fighting the good fight. It matters. Your life matters. A new place is always scary. I imagine it’s even more so when the new place is a big island. Life is a little bit like trying to break a huge boulder with a tiny hammer. Every day you get one swing. Some days you knock a big chunk off the rock. Some days the rock knocks the hell out of you. Some days it’s a push. But every day that you wake up is one more chance to swing the hammer. Keep swinging, Jane, and love, love, love back at ya.

  6. Jane, you are a true inspiration! A Divine love and light just shine through you. So glad to hear that you are healing from the devastating loss of Bowie. Sending much support! XO

  7. I have been a big fan of yours since your Rush hour hit came to my Canadian radio station in 88′.Im 42 years old and wasn’t aware that you were in the Go Go’s until afterwards lol. I had tickets to see a Vancouver show you were to perform at with my g our buds but unfortunately you cancelled.I missed your New Years show at the River Rock Casino a couple years agi due to a party I had pre planned to throw.I seriously hope you can make a Vancouver stop again for the farewell or ill be flying somewhere to see it. Glad you love Hawaii and what a fantastic place to end up.Paid off playin guitar and writing good songs eh? I would totally like to one day ever sit and buy you a coffee and hear your rockstar and normal everyday life stories. Take Care Kid. Rocky

  8. Jane, thank you on behalf of all the little furry friends who you have helped (and those that you will help in the future). You’re a wonderful human!

  9. My mother who taught me to love all animals and would take in any wounded creature has recently passed and I am touched by this post. This made my day Jane. Thank you! I needed this bit of inspiration in such a dark time. XOXO.

  10. I think you rock!! I hope NYC is one of the tour spots. I have loved you and your music since 1981, whenever I fee down I listen to your songs. for all you’re doing for those beautiful dogs.

  11. Jane you have the BIGGEST HEART ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in the WORLD! I’m so proud to know you!
    LOVE, Love, love… Denyse and ALL the animals s in HAWAII

  12. You are an amazing crusader for Animals!!! Hope all your hard work in Hawaii makes a difference and helps all the homeless cats and dogs! Tony and I will be up front and hopefully center stage for the Farewell Tour!

  13. So sad how some folks treat dogs, who only offer unconditional love and companionship. I’m glad someone like you is helping, someone who is passionate about this cause. Our youngest dog is a shelter rescue and we will always get rescues from now on. Just wish more people cared. Thanks Jane.

  14. I’m glad you survived the volcano scare. May 2016 be your best year ever. Totally jealous of your view. Cassie Jane Vader says hey too! Stay rad!

  15. You rock, Jane! I’ve been a fan of the GoGo’s since 1981, and am sad to hear this will be your last tour. Wish I could have caught one of your shows, but I live in Nebraska, and as far as I know the GoGo’s never played in Lincoln or Omaha, at least not while I’ve been in the area. Anyway, just know I am a huge fan, and I feel fortunate to have been able to enjoy your music over the years!

  16. Thanks for sharing and for always being such an inspiration all these decades. Love to you Jane!!!

  17. Wonderful Jane! You’re an inspiration to so many & your work deserves recognition at the highest levels. Good luck!

  18. I have been a fan since I stole my sister’s Beauty and the Beat tape in 1983, then saw you all on Talk Show with INXS. Had the biggest crush on you back in the day and adored your solo work. All our pets have been throwaways and I’ve done rescues and fosters as well. Bless you for all the lives you have changed, human and otherwise. Much Love…

  19. Kudos to you! Looking forward to “Head Over Heels” in NYC. Thank you for the work that you are doing for out animals in Hawaii. Hugs and Kisses from New Jersey. Been a fan since 82.

  20. Thanks for the update! I’m just sick that animals are treated as they are in HI. Looks like you landed there for a reason. Keep up the good work. It was also very nice of you to mention KV. I have no idea what happened, but I absolutely miss standing in front of you and her at Go-Go’s shows.

    Keep us posted!

  21. Hi Jane – What happened to the Go-Go’s plans to record some new music and going into the studio with Linda Perry? For a short time there it sounded like the Go-Go’s might give it one last push for some new material. Very bummed. I have followed the Go-Go’s for almost as long as the band was around. You guys were sounding better and rocking harder than ever. Hopefully the “Farewell” tour will not be the end!!

  22. This is some fantastic news. Love all you do for our animal friends! I’m so hoping the Go Go’s last tour will stop here in Detroit, the Motor City would love to see you!

  23. Thank you for taking a stand against the treatment of those sweet dogs. I had not idea things were so bad in Hawaii. You are a blessing. Keep up the great work and hopefully your tour with the Go-Gos will bring you to Kansas. I can’t wait! Hugs!

  24. Jane your store is great! I bought a pair of your shoes (not for me to wear, but to put on display in my house), got a hand written thank you card, & best of all got to talk to you on the phone!! I just hope when the Go-Go’s go on tour, they will come to Mississippi. Keep up the work for those animals. I have 2 dogs, 1 I got from a rescue center & 1 from a fostering keeper.

  25. Keep up the great work there and speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves!❤❤❤

  26. Thanks for the update! Hugzzzz to Geordie and Malcolm …. and, of course, you. I’ve been offline for about 2 years and have missed you. Glad to know you’re doing well and continuing to do so much good in the world. I love Hawaii!!! You are going to help so many critters. Yippee! Hugzzzzzzzzzzz … @DaneRay

  27. Thanks for the update on your move!! I’m so glad there are people like you in the world who have such big hearts for all the fur babies that need loving homes. My sister and I are mommy to 8 wonderful fur babies!! (and 2 human boys lol) Together, we have 4 pups and 4 cats, most of whom were “Walmart freebies”. One baby is an actual adoption and one was bought and paid for. That sounds so horrible, lol, but she’s ok with it and so are we. Keep us all up to date and stay healthy and loving.
    Warm noses and wet kisses,
    Kim & Kelly

  28. Miss Jane, “My Traveling Heart” still remains as one of my all-time favorite songs. It is the perfect anthem to describe that feeling we all get when we know it’s time to move on. No matter where you go or what you do next, a million thanks for sharing your amazing music with us!

  29. Great hearing you are doing great. Long time no see. I’m missing E S so very much. That was a horribly needless tragedy just wish she had shared more with
    Me. I would’ve done anything to help prevent if I only knew.
    God Bless

  30. You were brought to the islands because you were there to save the beautiful and loving animals…even tho I think how you treated. Kathy was so wrong in everyway— I still wish you a great life.

  31. Jane! It was wonderful to catch up with you via your update!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing!! I am very happy for you and your new move! Never been to Hawaii! If I go someday, we’ll do lunch! LOL! Can’t wait to see you this summer on tour!! LOVE YA!!!! XOXO

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  33. It’s cool that you are still creating art and helping living beings. I have another friend Virginia Carnohan Preble that lives in Kaneohe, Hawaii she has the same passion you do about abandoned and abused animals. She has a store there. She’s a really nice person and if you have the time you should look her up.~ I saw that Donita Sparks was singing with you in a gig recently. That got me looking around[since I’m a big fan of L7]and I rediscovered some of your music, read up on your history as an artist. So I’ve spent the morning with you [in a way] My name is Ed- I live in Arlington TX /I make up songs all the time and read and write philosophy, and study people.- you can find me on the facebook at kingofallclergy or just lok up Virginia and check her friends list-w/LOVE from Ed~/~ Eat well. Sleep well. Be still once a day. Be active once a day. Sing!

  34. Hello “Sweet Jane” , it’s just lately that I’ve become a fan of yours , Even though I’m very close to your age I just didn’t seem to latch on to the GO-GOs craze at the time , anyway , I really enjoy jamming along some of your solo work , Blue Kiss , Inside A Dream , Rush Hour . Going to dig a little deeper as I’m sure you’ve got some great songs I’ve yet to discover . Have a great day , smile , and let your heart not be troubled .

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