Update from Jane!

Well, 2012 was quite a year wasn’t it? I was lucky enough to get to do quite a few shows with my beloved Go-Go’s. Touring is tiring but is also about the most fun a person can have…legally. haha.

It makes me so happy that people still come out to see us and still have such a good time. The band even sold out the Hollywood Bowl, 30 years AFTER we sold it out the first time! Wow!

I performed some wonderful marriage ceremonies. I love officiating weddings; I always end up making new friends with the greatest people! Visit Married by Jane for more info.

I bought a fixer-upper cabin in Mendocino County, about the prettiest place on Earth, and spent 8 months remodeling it. I am an obsessed amateur decorator, and love nothing better than fixing up houses. (That’s why I move house every couple of years!) Anyway, it is so so great to have our lovely little San Francisco house and now an incredible weekend country cottage to visit. I feel truly blessed.

Some of you may remember that my big sister Meg has been living with us in our place in San Francisco. Well she fell in love in 2012 and in December moved in with her new boyfriend! I’m so happy for her, but I really miss having her with us at home.

One of my darling furkids, Angus, passed away. It was heartbreaking. He was only six years old and I miss him every day. My other three dogs Geordie, Peanut and Malcolm are doing fine and the house is much quieter with just 3 dogs.

I spent Thanksgiving in JAPAN with my boyfriend Travis and friend Xander. We had THE BEST TIME! Xander is a real Japanophile and showed us some truly amazing places. We had fun in Tokyo but it wasn’t till we explored the countryside that I realized what a truly diverse and beautiful country Japan is.

In January of 2012 I performed as Janet Wood in a live stage show of the 70’s sitcom Three’s Company. That went so well that we are doing it again in 2013 in January and February. San Francisco is a great city for small theater and I’m really enjoying being part of that kooky community. You can get tickets for the show HERE.

For my birthday, Travis took me up in a small plane and we flew to our cabin, getting to see the land from above. Then on the flight back we flew over the Golden Gate Bridge, which was having a mad fireworks display to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. That’s a cool thing to see: fireworks from ABOVE!

The movie I acted in and was music supervisor on: Doggie B (also known as Doggie Boogie) was released and is doing well. If you have kids you should check it out; you can rent it from Redbox and On Demand.

Giants won the World Series and the whole city went crazy!!! EVEN ME!!!! haha

EXCITING NEWS! We just opened a new section of my official online shop at janewiedlin.com called Jane’s Closet where we will be selling clothing and accessories worn by moi. New stuff will be added every week and you may recognize some of the stuff from stage or TV. Lots of cute things to collect or wear! And a portion of the proceeds will go to my favorite cause, animal rescue. Thanks in advance for checking it out!

There was too much sadness and violence in the world in 2012. I hope in 2013 we can move towards a more evolved way of being.

I wish you all health and happiness.

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