4 thoughts on “MEN!

  1. I really like the single. I was just checking out what you are up to these days after I found myself humming an old tune that out to be rush hour. I thought of you (and dolphins too of course) and that angelic voice. Anyways, good luck cutie! You are looking more beautiful with the years!

  2. Dear Jane
    I really enjoyed the Go Go’s and the entire early MTV days. Saw you w/ INXS at Riverbend in Cincinnati in probably 83′. Sat nearly centered about 3 or 4 rows from the stage. Great time! Could have sworn you smiled and stared at me a great deal of the time. Many years later,on maybe Behind the Music or a show of the same sort, it spoke of the alleged “fun” you girls had in the towns you visited. Always made me wish I’d done all I could to have met and spent time with you. :). Good luck with all you do. You’re still so beautiful and full of life

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