We are excited to announce the formation of a new San Francisco-based theatrical production company: ROBOTIK PASSIONS PRODUCTIONS.

Our first live production is a sci-fi musical, written by multi-platinum, award-winning songwriter JANE WIEDLIN. Filled with infectious pop/rock songs, this musical is the ultimate homage to vintage science fiction: it’s sexy, kitschy, and full of heart! The book and music are written, and we’re now looking for financial backers and a theater to call home.

We are in the process of casting our two lead players, Kate and Jasper.

KATE is a female rocker in her thirties, small, very pretty, pixie-ish, with a lot of sass and charisma. Singing ability is a MUST, a bit of dancing talent a PLUS, and the ability to play guitar would be great!

JASPER is a male rocker, in his thirties, slender, cheeky grin, strong, sardonic, with a smoldering heat below the surface. Think a young George Harrison. Singing ability is A MUST, a bit of dancing talent a PLUS, and ability to play at least rudimentary guitar (or ability to REALLY fake it!).

Casting will run from Feb.17, 2014 to Feb. 25, 2014.

This is not a fully paid gig YET (there will be a stipend), and the time commitment will be fairly minimal this year, but we will be performing a mini preview show (under 15 minutes) in May of 2014 and our first six week run will take place in March 2015. Leads must be able to commit to the show February, March, and April of 2015.

Please contact producer Danny Tatosian at for more info, to submit your headshot/resume, or to get involved.

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