UPDATE from Jane

Hi beautiful people!
First of all, let me wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2019.

2018 was a tumultuous year for the US, but I was lucky enough to have a very good (personal) 2018. There were a lot of big milestones.

The musical of Go-Go’s songs, HEAD OVER HEELS went to Broadway, where it played for SIX months! This whole musical thing has been a total trip. You may or may not know that it has been in the works for SEVEN YEARS. So many gifted people joined the HOH family along the way. We were blessed with the best talent in the theatrical world. Still, when it finally opened on Broadway, at the gorgeous Hudson Theater, it felt like a dream to me. Sometimes I still can’t believe it all happened. I saw the show over and over and never loved it any less. Many of you graced us with your presence there (some of you multiple times!) and I thank you so much for your support!

Now that HOH has finished its (first) run on Broadway, the show is open for other theaters in other cities, states and countries to stage. I have fingers crossed that this happens. I can’t think of anything more fun than visiting places (London please!) to see new and different versions of the show.

The Go-Go’s were honored with the invitation to play THREE nights at the Hollywood Bowl as part of the annual Fourth Of July celebration. There were fireworks and the LA Philharmonic! It is a slightly intimidating gig. As you can imagine, we are VERY different musicians than a classically trained orchestra!

Still, it was a total blast, and gave me the opportunity to reconnect with so many friends in Southern California. I love the Hollywood Bowl. It’s the first place I ever saw a concert at (Elton John), and the place the Go-Go’s have come back to over and over, since Hollywood is the band’s hometown.

My band ELETTRODOMESTICO also had an exciting year. The best part was being the opening act for legendary LA band X on their 2018 tour. I’ve known X since the 1970s and have always adored them musically and personally. They are just as brilliant as ever so don’t miss them if they play in your town. ELETTRODOMESTICO was also chosen to write the theme song for a cool TV show called PINK COLLAR CRIME that played on CBS all summer.

Speaking of X, singer/songwriter for the band John Doe has put together another book about the LA punk scene. I was honored to write a chapter in his first book, UNDER THE BIG BLACK SUN. I was chosen again for the second book, coming out in spring of this year. It’s called MORE FUN IN THE NEW WORLD. I can’t wait to read it! If you are interested in the origins of California punk (and the Go-Go’s) you should check out these books!

I adopted a new dog in February 2018. I got him at the San Francisco SPCA. He is a young rat terrier and I named him Kevin. He is the smartest, most energetic dog I have ever had. Luckily he is also very loving and loyal, otherwise he’d drive me insane! I post a lot of Kevin pictures/stories on my Instagram page. And my sweet dog Malcolm just turned twelve. He’s deaf and he’s got no teeth, but he is still a little male supermodel. He is also on my Instagram a lot.

In other dog news, I continued my work volunteering for Golden State Greyhound Adoption. We bring in approx. 30 racing greyhounds from Florida every three months and help them get in forever homes. It’s the best feeling helping them! Luckily, greyhound racing is being stopped in Florida (the last US state to have it) in the next year, so there won’t be a need for our group anymore. I also volunteered at a place called Xenophon. They provide therapeutic riding for children with all kinds of disabilities. It was so fun working with the horses, and also, for my first time, helping kids! Impossible not to fall in love with both!

The best thing that happened to me in 2018 is that I finally met my “forever man”! I’d been basically single for 4 years and had given up on meeting anyone. This was okay, because I’d finally figured out that I was happy alone and had found a new appreciation of the love I get from family and friends. I had tried the online dating thing several times with terrible results. I decided to give it one more go and TA DA…I met a great guy! His name is Terence and we are very very happy together. We both share a love of traveling, adventures, creativity and DOGS! It’s been pretty amazing so far and 2019 is going to be REALLY exciting because we are going down to Mexico to see if we want to move there! I love me a new place to live!

If you follow me on social media, you know that I’m constantly cleaning out my closet (Konichiwa, Marie Kondo-san!) and selling my things via MY ONLINE STORE to raise money for animal charities. 2018 was no exception. Lots of money was raised and lots of groups benefitted from your generosity. I thank you.

One group I particularly support is WHITE COAT WASTE PROJECT . They fight to stop specific animal experimentation that is redundant and/or wasteful. That means they save animals AND taxpayer dollars. There are lots of other charities that benefit from your purchase, so please look in my store and buy yourself some JW stuff in 2019! There are a lot of new things coming, as I have once again done a brutal culling of my possessions! Oh, and as a further incentive, I am offering a 5 minute phone call with me if you spend more than $200.

Thank you for reading and lots of love to you all,
Oakland, CA February 2019

2018 Update from Jane

Happy 2018!
Hope it’s a good one for everyone.
Last year was a real rollercoaster. I had a wonderful time with my new bandmate, Pietro Straccia, finishing the recording of our first album for our new band, Elettrodomestico.

The record is called “If You’re A Boy Or A Girl” and you can download it HERE or purchase physical copies (and other merchandise) HERE.

Please check it out! Pietro and I also spent two months in Italy over the summer having fun and playing small shows wherever we could get them. The people of Italy were so warm and hospitable; it was truly a wonderful experience.

Elettrodomestico also made music videos for all 10 of our songs! You can watch them HERE.

The new Go-Go’s musical, “Head Over Heels” was in workshops last year so I got to go to NYC to be part of that. Theater is a new experience for me and it is a blast learning about it and witnessing the creation of a Broadway show.

If you haven’t heard about the musical, it’s a crazy mashup of a story writ ten in the 1580’s set to the 1980’s music of the Go-Go’s! THE EIGHTIES will NEVER die, apparently!

The show is premiering in San Francisco starting April 10, 2018 at the Curran Theater. It goes to Broadway at the Hudson Theater on June 23rd. Visit the musical website HERE.

This summer I attended the wedding of my dear friend Doug Quint (Big Gay Ice Cream) in August in Maine. Pietro and I performed during the ceremony and then again during the reception. Let Love Rule! 

Elettrodomestico also did a West Coast tour in October. When I got back – I sold my house in San Francisco and moved into a new one in the East Bay.

In November Charlotte and I were honored by the Dramatists Guild for our work as writers at a very fancy gala in New York. That was pretty crazy and something I never expected!

The holidays were a ton of fun because I now live much closer to my siblings and their kids, so their were a lot of holiday performances and family parties to attend.
Already, 2018 has been jam packed with exciting events and performances, which is pretty funny considering I had just announced to everyone that I was RETIRED!

The Go-Go’s played in NYC (again to New York!) at a party celebrating the upcoming Broadway opening of our musical “Head Over Heels”. Then the next day we flew to Miami and did a performance for the Theater Owners Of America. They were having their yearly convention and it’s when they learn what shows are coming out and if they want to bring them to their town. Exciting stuff!!

Also Go-Go’s will be playing a few select shows this summer. Visit Gogos.com for upcoming show dates.

I continue to raise money for animals rescue by selling off my stagewear and other stuff. If you want to help save animals, or just want a cool memento  check out my online store HERE.

I just adopted a new dog from the San Francisco SPCA. Here he is!! So far he doesn’t have a name, but we are working on that!

Click HERE to see my upcoming events in Feb, March and April. Check in at JaneWiedlin.com for more upcoming summer appearances.

Good thing I’m having a relaxing retirement! LOL!! 
See you soon!
Lots of love,

Can you hear them? They talk about us… :)

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VOGUE – The Go-Go’s Reunite for a Concert Celebrating a New Broadway Musical, Head Over Heels

VARIETY – Go-Go’s Musical ‘Head Over Heels’ Books Broadway’s Hudson Theater

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BROADWAY.com – Go-Go’s Musical Head Over Heels to Play Broadway’s Hudson Theatre; Casting Announced

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PLAYBILL – RuPaul’s Drag Race Star Peppermint Will Make Her Broadway Debut in Go-Go’s Musical Head Over Heels

Jane Wiedlin forms new group – Elettrodomestico

Guitarist for The Go-Go’s, Jane Wiedlin penned many of their greatest songs, including “Our Lips Our Sealed” (a co-write with Terry Hall of Specials/Fun Boy Three), and she’s had solo hits, too, not to mention duetting with Sparks on the great “Cool Places.”

Her current project is Elettrodomestico, a collaboration with Pietro Straccia that is a more modern, synthy take on the kind of catchy power pop Jane made with the Go-Go’s. Their debut album, If You’re a Boy or a Girl, will be out October 20 and we’ve got the premiere of the slinky “Rabbit Stew” which falls somewhere, sonically, between Elastica and Garbage.

Full article


Broadway’s got the beat: “Head Over Heels,” the musical that takes it score from the catalog of the band The Go-Go’s, has mapped out its road to New York, with a San Francisco run lined up for a spring opening prior to a move to Broadway for the 2018-19 season.

With Gwyneth Paltrow on board as one of its producers, “Head Over Heels” is an unlikely pairing of an Elizabethan romance (based on Philip Sidney’s “Arcadia”) with the pop hits of the all-female

band. Jeff Whitty (“Avenue Q”) conceived the show and wrote the original book, which is adapted by James Magruder. Michael Mayer (“Spring Awakening,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”) directs, with choreography by Spencer Liff (“Hedwig,” “So You Think You Can Dance”).

Familiar tunes in the score include “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation” and “Our Lips Are Sealed,” as well as solo hits by the band’s frontwoman, Belinda Carlyle (“Mad About You,” “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”). The production premiered in 2015 at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and had a developmental workshop at New York Stage and Film the following year.

The new staging reunites several members of the creative team of Mayer’s Tony-winning revival of “Hedwig,” including Liff, set designer Julian Crouch, lighting design Kevin Adams and costume designer Arianne Phillips.

“Head Over Heels” runs April 24-May 20 at the Curran Theater in San Francisco, with the exact dates and theater of the Broadway run still to be announced. Casting also has yet to be set.

Full article HERE

Elettrodomestico’s Jane Wiedlin On Her New Band With Pietro Straccia

After the Go-Go’s retired from touring 2016, founding member Jane Wiedlin opted to start writing new music and get back in the studio. Wiedlin and Pietro Straccia, who first met in 2014, wrote their first song for Elettrodomestico following the death of David Bowie. The rest of the songs that make up If You’re a Boy or a Girl — which is scheduled for release on October 20 — were recorded in a variety of locations, including Straccia’s home studio, between February of 2016 and April of 2017.

The first Elettrodomestico track to have a proper accompanying music video was “Rabbit Stew.” Directed by pop/gore artist Brice Frillici — also known as SekDek — the video explores themes of marriage, conflict, gender non-conformity, and rebirth. Wiedlin and Straccia ultimately appear as wedding cake toppers in the “Rabbit Stew” clip, which was premiered by Brooklyn Vegan earlier this month.

In support of If You’re a Boy or a Girl, Elettrodomestico kicks off a West Coast tour on October 18 at Seattle’s Sunset Room. Touring continues with stops in Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Show dates, videos, and music from Elettrodomestico can be found on the duo’s Bandcamp page.

When did Elettrodomestico start in relation to the Go-Go’s ending?

Jane Wiedlin: The Go-Go’s are still together, we’ve just retired from touring! We did our final tour in Summer of 2016. Pietro and I wrote for all of 2016 and decided to become a band together in December of that year.

Around how many songs did you and Pietro write for Elettrodomestico’s first album?

Jane Wiedlin: I think we wrote 12 songs in collaboration. I probably wrote around 40 sets of lyrics and Pietro gravitated towards the ones he related to or just liked. We really loved what we were coming up with, so there wasn’t a lot of waste.

What is the writing process like for Elettrodomestico? Do you and have Pietro have to be in the room together to write?

Jane Wiedlin: No, in fact, I was in Hawaii and Pietro in Oakland for most of the writing process.

Do you have a favorite song on the Elettrodomestico album?

Jane Wiedlin: I really love “Lost at Sea” and “Mail Order Bride.”

The video for “Rabbit Stew” was premiered via Brooklyn Vegan. How did you first encounter Brice Fillici?

Jane Wiedlin: Brice is a friend whom we are very big fans of. He makes amazing art under the name SekDek. Pietro had previously modeled for him on several occasions. Since we enlisted many of our creative friends to choose a song and make a video, having Brice do two videos was an obvious choice and a real coup for us. We LOVE what he does!

For someone thinking of coming to see your band’s upcoming West Coast tour, what should be expected? Do you only play songs by Elettrodomestico?

Jane Wiedlin: We do our entire album in order, since people don’t really know our songs yet. We also do a few Go-Go’s songs for fun. And we will be adding more songs as time goes on. As you can imagine, between the two of us, we have hundreds of songs!

Is Elettrodomestico a full-time thing for you? Might there be another solo Jane Wiedlin album in the future? Or even more from froSTed?

Jane Wiedlin: Yes, Elettrodomestico is full-time. We are both fully committed to this project. We love our babies — songs — and love working and singing together. Being in a duo is a blast! I doubt I will do more solo or froSTed.

Are there plans for you and Pietro to play live on the East Coast?

Jane Wiedlin: We just came back from doing some East Coast shows and hope to do lots more as soon as possible.

Full article HERE

Who wants to party with Jane!!??

WHO WANTS TO PARTY WITH JANE?! We are doing another awesome auction!! 🙂

screen-capture-1This auction is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Rock icon and animal lover, Jane Wiedlin, has offered another pair of her personal A-section tickets for the final show of the Go-Go’s Farewell Tour at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA on August 30, 2016, PLUS backstage passes for after the show!

But wait, there’s more!

As the winning bidder, you and your guest will also receive access to JANE’S SECRET AFTER-PARTY!! You will be Jane’s guests at a private party after the show where you’ll be able to get autographs and photos with Jane and party like a rock star!

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TLC has been forced to move from their current location and are in the process of buying a building of their own, so the funds raised from this auction are badly needed at this time. Your winning bid will not only give you the dream concert experience of a lifetime, but it will help to save over a hundred wonderful animals in dire need and help them to find their forever homes.

Raising funds for TLC!

We are raising funds for Tiny Loving Canines! The ebay link is HERE!  🙂

This auction is mind-blowingly incredible! Rock icon Jane Wiedlin has offered a pair of her personal A-section tickets for the final show of the Go-Go’s Farewell Tour at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, CA on August 30, 2016, PLUS backstage passes for after the show!

But hold on, there’s more!

As the winning bidder, you and your guest will also receive access to Jane’s secret after-party! You will be Jane’s guests at a private party after the show where you’ll be able to get autographs and photos with Jane and party like a rock star!

s-l500Jane Wiedlin has made this wonderfully generous offer to benefit TLC (Tiny Loving Canines) dog and cat rescue shelter. 100% of the proceeds for this special auction will go to TLC, Ventura County California’s only full-time, absolutely no-kill rescue shop. TLC has been forced to move from their current location and are in the process of buying a building of their own, so the funds raised from this auction are badly needed at this time. Your winning bid will not only give you the dream concert experience of a lifetime, but it will help to save over a hundred wonderful animals in dire need and help them to find their forever homes!

TLC is a 501c3 nonprofit, registered with both the I.R.S. and the State of California as a charity (26-4639832).

This auction is for tickets, aftershow passes and entrance to Jane’s private after-party (location to be disclosed to winning bidder) only. The winning bidder must provide his/her heir own transportation, lodging, etc.

The Go-Go’s will embark on a month-long “farewell tour”!

Rock legends the Go-Go’s will unite this summer for a month-long farewell tour.11143235_955482941156203_8151313909830457398_n

Four members of the band’s classic line-up – singer Belinda Carlisle, guitarist Jane Wiedlin, multi-instrumentalist Charlotte Caffey and drummer Gina Schock – will play 18 dates throughout North America, starting August 2nd in Clearwater, Florida and concluding August 30th in Los Angeles. Indie-rock act Best Coast and singer-songwriter Kaya Stewart will open select dates throughout.

“After a 38-year run, we are gearing up for one last blast of a summer tour,” the band said in a statement announcing the trek. “We feel so lucky and so grateful to have had the incredible support of our fans for so long. We can’t wait to get out on the road and give the people what they want: some loud, fast music and a great party!”

Ticket information is available at Ticketmaster. Details on VIP meet-and-greet packages are forthcoming.


Married by Jane

I’m so excited. I will be officiating 2 different weddings in May.

-3One of the brilliant side effects of doing this Married By Jane officiant thing is the new “family members” I gain. I’ve fallen in love with each and every couple I’ve wed, so my circle of beloved ones just keeps growing.

Thank you everyone who has placed their trust in me for their special day!

If you’d like to have me officiate your wedding please visit www.marriedbyjane.com

New update from Jane!

Hello Everyone! How are you??
Thank you for following me online. I appreciate all the love and kindness you shower upon me!  Here’s a little update on my 2015. It was awfully exciting.

Detail_2015_HOH_746x420Midway through 2015, the new MUSICAL, “Head Over Heels”, opened to great reviews and strong audience support at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

The musical uses the music of the Go-Go’s, but the story is based on ARCADIA, a book written by a contemporary of Shakespeare named Phillip Sydney. It is a really fun tale with lots of twists and turns, gender-bending and romance. It was so fun to sit next to Charlotte watching the play when we all went up to see it. We were clutching hands like schoolgirls! It was also really nice to see Kathy. We couldn’t be prouder of the show and now it is being groomed to go to NEW YORK CITY! I hope when it open there that you will all go see it.

As for me: I moved to Hilo, Hawaii in August of 2015. This is my amazing view from my backyard.

Once12509910_10153685816676066_4681067627011045016_n I settled in to my new home in Hawaii I quickly learned that local humane societies and law enforcement agencies are inundated by reports of island dogs leading bleak lives, on chains 24/7, incarcerated in tiny kennels, and forced to endlessly breed, creating a massive overpopulation problem.

This type of animal abuse creates dangerous dogs, which are a safety hazard and a huge public expense. Humane societies are euthanizing at alarming rates. Stories of mistreated dogs in Hawaii have become more and more common. It was clearly NOT the Paradise I thought I was going to be living in.

At first I was really upset and depressed, and scared because it was a HUGE endeavor moving to this island, so far away. Then, I decided I had to take a stand and use my creativity to work with all my might to help pets any way I could. It was the moral thing and the right thing to do.

I started fostering dogs and cats. Then I organized a fundraiser to benefit a local animal rescue group, Aloha Ilio Rescue. Our little party ended up raising $5000, 100% of which went directly to the animals!

Next I wrote a program to be presented at elementary schools called Dogs Are Ohana! (“ohana” means “family”). It is a 45 minute show with three acts.

In Act One, we teach the keiki (kids) the stories of Ancient Hawaii, when dogs were revered and treated honorably. Act Two we show kids that there are other, better ways to keep dogs instead of living on chains or in tiny kennels, and also point out (in a cute funny way) the problems with not spaying/neutering your dog. Act Three is a dog tricks performance, starring a famous dog trainer and her cute talented dogs.

The kids learn that there is SO MUCH MORE that a dog can be, if you treat him right! We plan to start performing this show at elementary schools around the island starting in the Spring.

The next thing I did was befriend a local state Senator, Russell Ruderman, and ask him for help in reforming the anti-cruelty laws in Hawaii, which are practically non-existent and certainly not enforced.

I am happy to say, we now have several bills that will be presented to the Senate at the end of this month. These bills will strengthen our currently weak laws, and help create a new era of more humane treatment of our dogs in this Aloha State.

I don’t know if they will pass, but I will not give up! The one bill I think has a pretty good chance is the bill to end the EATING of DOGS. I know there are many who think the eating of any animal is wrong, but, as our spiritual companions, I feel like we need to at least start with DOGS! It just isn’t right to eat the one species on this planet that willingly aligns itself with humans!

Living with me I’ve got four “permanent” pets, all seniors. These are my dogs, Geordie (black Greyhound) and Malcolm (Chinese Crested)geordie11541877_10153280844046066_6656071674899898556_n

These are my cats, Gummy Bear (Siamese) and Frank (don’t know what he is, but he has a raccoon tail!)…I had to lure Frank out from under the guest bed (where he lives) w a can of food!


Below are my latest two foster dogs. As of January they are both now in fabulous forever homes! First photo is me w Little Red Dog.IMG_2646

Her new forever home has a ten year old boy who is very kind and very smart. He re-named her Kaylee and is already teaching her tricks.  PS Yes, I do have blue hair.

Sammy the sweet Pittie was chained 24/7, living on lava rocks w nothing to eat or drink.

12661898_10207369695952607_6504892369436424817_nYou an see in the photo that he was severely under weight and almost dead when he was rescued.

Sam was in a vet hospital for two weeks and then I got him. He went from 30 pounds to 70 pounds while I had him. He is now in his forever home and is treated like the prince he is. If I never do anything else, I am so proud of saving this wonderful guy.

I have always been very passionate about animals and how they are treated but my moving to Hawaii and working with Aloha Ilio Rescue has reignited my passion for direct action.

Also – last week the Hawaii Island Humane Society hosted (along with the Animal Balance MASH team) a free spay/neuters for our community at the Kea’au shelter. Thanks to all these great volunteers for all the hard work. It was a lot of work but we spay/neutered 331 animals!!

screen-captureTo raise funds for animals I am using a large portion of the proceeds from my online shop (which sells autographed items and various items from my stage wardrobe to my personal closet) to help fund various animal rescue efforts here on the island. You can check out what’s for sale HERE.

2015 was a year of massive change and introspection. Moving to Hawaii on my own, as a single gal, was exciting but scary. And as you now know from the above, it changed my whole life!

Coming up in 2016: I am looking forward to flying to Oahu to testify on behalf of the anti-cruelty Senate bills I created. I’ll be visiting the island of Aruba in April to volunteer at a massive spay/neuter campaign there. And in August, the Go-Go’s will heading out for our final, farewell tour. Dates have not been annouced yet but watch the Go-Go’s FB page for updates. I hope all of you will come out!

This farewell tour looks like it’s for realsies. (And, no, we have never done a farewell tour before. We had one scheduled for 2010, but cancelled it when I fell off a cliff and destroyed my knee!). It is with mixed feelings that we embark on our last adventure together. What an incredible ride we have had. I hope you will continue to follow all of us on our future endeavors. I can’t thank you enough for your support of the band and my solo work over all these FIVE decades!

My biggest hope these days is that my adventures of helping animals will inspire you to get out there and do something, no matter how small. It all starts with one act of kindness!

As always you can keep up to date with my work at my Facebook page and my Twitter.
As my much-adored mom always signed off:
Love, love, love, Jane